Community Partnerships

Let's build together!

APC will always provide the best services and facilities we possibly can, but with your help and expertise, we can continue to improve, grow, provide more resources, and serve more individuals in the community.


Become an Employment Partner or Sponsor of APC today!

Help us open doors of opportunity!
By showing APC your support, you show the community support. You make a statement that every individual is important and should have access to proper resources for them to reach their potential.

Employment Partnership

Looking for staff? APC offers our employment partners to hire trained individuals at NO COST to the employer. We will work with employers to customize our training modules based on the job requirements in order to make them qualified candidates for employment.

Sponsorship Opportunity

Sponsors help to provide equipment, supplies, and/or services directly, or through monetary support.



Know that you are helping a population in need of opportunities and support.

Be proud to show your staff,  clients, and customers your commitment to the community!

Partners and Sponsors have the opportunity for marketing benefits!

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